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Registering to our eshop is not required. If you haven't registered
to our eshop you can put goods in the cart, but you will be asked to provide all necessary deta before sending each order. As a registered customer you have an advantage to skip this part of ordering process. You can register either as a private person or a company. In second case fill company name in 'Full name' field.


Choosing from catalogue

In the left main menu you will find categories and subcategories of products you are looking for. If you click on the category, list of all products in the category will be displayed. Number of items you want to put in the cart can be modifiend in the input field. Item will be put in he cart after clicking on the cart icon.

výběr zboží

Shopping cart

Clicking on the 'Cart' in the upper menu a list of goods you have put in the shopping cart will be displayed. You can modify number of items here as well as deleting the items from the cart by setting the number to 0. All changes will be done after clicking on 'Přepočítat' button.
To continue in the purchase process click on the 'Continue', button.

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Here you can check your order and mailing adress. To order goods click on the 'Order' button.

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